Deryk Barker, Victoria

    " Most "gala" concerts are, in reality, almost devoid of serious artistic content. This, by contrast, was a true gala, in every sense of the word, musically totally rewarding (and then some) and covering a gamut of emotions — and how generous it was of the Emily Carrs to share the stage for almost the entirety of their anniversary."

    "Here's to the next ten years! "

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    " The Emily Carr Quartet closed the first half of Thursday's programme with a stunning, riveting performance of the quartet. This group really does sound better every time I hear them and this time there seemed a new solidity in their playing, which swept all before it, as the quartet seemingly flew by."

    "some of the most intensely driven and eloquently passionate playing I have heard in some time."

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    "Most noticeably, despite the quartet's relative youth (they gave their first public performance just three months ago) they are already producing a well-balanced and coherent sound."

    "All of the players involved belong to what me might call the "up and coming" generation of Victorian musicians; the future of chamber music in Victoria is undoubtedly in safe hands."

    "it was a musical experience unlikely soon to be forgotten."

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    Sarah Petrescu, Times Colonist

    "... to witness these fantastic musician's gasp for breath between phrases, swell their backs with the tempo and give each other nods and smiles is a rare experience..."


    "..the force and dynamics of the string quartet paying tribute to Carr in the performance Thursday at Carr House is downright exhausting - and pleasurably so."

    Richard Volet,
    Principal Flute Victoria Symphony

    “It is astonishing that in so short a time, a group of four busy working orchestral players have put together an ensemble that plays together so well…they play with the kind of intonation, balance, detail and group expression one expects only from a seasoned group.”